Hurricane Boat Lift Tie-Down Service - $299.00

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Hurricane Boat Lifts South / Boat Tie-Down Service Terms

This Service Agreement is made and deemed effective upon acceptance of these terms by customer, completion of sale by customer, and acceptance by Hurricane Boat Lifts South.

Please understand that we can only accommodate a limited number of customers due to the emergency nature of an approaching hurricane and still ensure everyone is serviced in a timely manner.

Once you pay the initial, one-time, nonrefundable deposit of $19.99, you are enrolled in our program for the hurricane season (June 1 through November 30). However, the deposit will be deducted from your first tie-down service of $299.00. The initial deposit serves to reserve your spot in the program.

Once we’re at capacity we will discontinue offering this service to new customers for the season.

Please note that by purchasing this service, you acknowledge and accept the following TERMS:

  1. Your boat is on a boat lift and located between MM 80 and MM 106, so that we have adequate time to respond after a warning has been issued.
  2. This agreement is effective during the hurricane season, June 1 through November 30.
  3. We will initiate the service each time NOAA National Hurricane Center issues a hurricane watch that may threaten the Florida Keys.
  4. Each hurricane watch is a separate event and the tie-down service will be performed and billed individually at $299.00, whether the storm’s path is ultimately within the specified mile markers, another area of the Keys, or redirects away from the Keys.
  5. The cost of tie-down straps is a separate charge.
  6. Customer agrees to allow access on the premises to Hurricane Boat Lifts South, its employees, agents and assigns, at reasonable times for installation, removal, inspection, and service.
  7. If the storm’s severity is at the point that it becomes too dangerous to perform this service, the safety of our employees will be our top priority.
  8. You agree to release and hold harmless Hurricane Boat Lifts South, its employees, agents and assigns from all claims and liabilities of any type whatsoever and for any damage to, loss or destruction of any property, boat, lift, or other structure(s) which result from performing this service.
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